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Polling Unit Locator Tool

In Nigeria, you can only cast your vote in a polling unit where your name is on the register. Locating this polling unit is often a challenge for first time voters and those who have recently transferred their records. This tool will help you find the exact location where you can legally cast your vote on election day. Please enter the Polling Unit Code printed on your Permanent Voters Card (e.g., 37-01-01-123) and click submit.


Do you want to contact us? You can call/text or email us using any of the contact information below:

Contact Number : +234 (903) 885 3059
Email Address:info@partnersunited.org
Visit us at: One Memorial Drive, Central Business District Abuja

Partners United is a community of activists and civil society organizations united to promote accountability in Nigeria. Partners United is managed by the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation

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